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Abigor - Austrian Black Metal

In 2005, PK considered reforming Abigor without any original members, but ended up reuniting the band with its original line-up a year later after learning of TT's return to the black metal movement.

The group's distinctive sound makes heavy use of multiple layered guitar parts by both members. Although bass guitars were featured in Abigor's recordings until Opus IV, they were mixed to almost inaudible levels, hence the widespread misconception the band uses no bass.

All albums before the split were recorded at Tonstudio Hörnix. Since the reformation, the band's music has been recorded in TT's own studio, where bass guitars have played a more prominent role since.

According to interviews with the group, Abigor never play live, as "they are convinced this form of black metal is not meant for a 'metal gig' presentation."

For a very short period in winter 1993-1994, Abigor was part of the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate, a movement founded by Pazuzu which then also included Summoning and Cromm. Abigor departed the syndicate soon after, however, shortly followed by Summoning. The ABMS name resurfaced years later on a CD compilation, but had nothing to do with the early form.

TT was actively involved in Napalm Records, a label which rose with the success of Abigor. Helping with concept, promotion and designs, he also conceived the compilation "With Us or Against Us" in 1995 to establish the label's focus on black metal, during which time the bandsNåstrond, Ildjarn, Setherial, Unpure and others were signed. After his engagement decreased in 1997, Napalm Records changed direction to gothic metal and commercially relevant styles.

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