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Sturmgewehr Black Metal

About Sturmgewehr:

Genre: Black Metal 

Lyrical theme(s): Nihilism, hate, war, destrucion
Origin: Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil
Formed in: 2005
Member: Nightshadow (All instruments/Vocals)
Current label: Metal Negro Produções (Tape Label - Brasil)
Contact: sturmgewehrblackmetal@gmail.com


The one man band project Sturmgewehr has started its composition process in 2005, but only in 2010, joining forces with the invited guitarist Kamikaze this project created life. In January, 2012 the recording of the first full length have been finished, with 10 songs. Sturmgewehr is the weapon against human race, hate against human parasites of the earth, war and destruction to those who oppose us. Chaos, disharmony, feelings of nihilism and misanthropy, the reflection about human feelings and thoughts.

The sound is raw, with strong parts and harsh vocals, with the influence of Nargaroth, Totenburg, Enthroned, Dark Throne, Absurd, Luror, Mayhem and Burzum. The old masters of war and blasphemy are invoked.
This is Raw Black Metal… nothing else.

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